Sex toy summer on the horizon

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Could it be one of the naughtiest summer’s on record?

With the temperature slowly rising across Britain, couples all over are making it a very kinky spring in anticipation for one of the naughtiest summers since records began.

It seems as though there’s more than one catalyst for ladies and gentlemen all over to get a little frisky this year, with the growing trend of taking sex toys[1] to festivals and the pending World Cup getting every man out there hot under the collar, both being decisive factors. Furthermore, with the growing variety of adult toys on the market and social acceptance towards their use added to the mix, comes a cauldron of kinkiness, which looks set to explode somewhere around August.

It was reported last year of the sharp rise of sex toys being taken to festivals, with happy campers looking for a bit of fun in the sun. Whilst good performances can’s be guaranteed on the pitch, followers of England look certain to set the benchmark between the sheets, as the plate tectonics of sex toy sales further shift.

Offering every temptation to tickle your fancy, Magic Moments, the UK’s longest serving sex toy shop expect stronger than ever before sales in ranges that typically come to flourishion during the summer months. Their growing variety, stretching into the realms of luxury vibrators, labia spreaders[2], discreet love eggs and toe curling vagina balls, look certain to make it a summer to never forget for inner gods and goddesses everywhere.

Whether you’re at the beach, winding down after an afternoon BBQ, or somewhere in between, welcome aboard to the sheer excitement of sex toys, leaving you wanting nothing but more and for once, praying for a little turbulence.

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